Friday, February 12, 2010

MAPS Gives Back

When production and profits ABSOLUTELY MATTER.

My Dear KW Family,

In July of 2009, we launched our first official BOLD program in 11 locations.

Since that day, more than $30,000 has been raised and donated to KW Cares by MAPS BOLD participants and MAPS Coaching.

This month, we begin the second round of BOLD across the U.S. and Canada, and we know that once again we will witness the tremendous generosity that will aide our KW family members when they need it the most.

When you add this to the countless thousands of dollars that have been raised through MAPS programs throughout our annual events – Mega Camp, Masterminds, Coaches’ Skills Camps and more – the impact that you have made is truly incredible.

We are constantly reminded that to whom much is given; much is expected, and we continue to be grateful and humbled by your passion for your fellow KW family and your capacity to give.

We ask that you keep KW Cares in your mind as MAPS does every time you attend one of our events or being in our coaching programs.

On behalf of both the MAPS team and KW Cares, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May we all become BOLD so that we may give boldly.

Yours in gratitude,

Dianna Kokoszka, President of MAPS Coaching

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