Friday, April 4, 2014


Provided By: Michael Tritthart

There have been quite a few changes lately.  Some of which have greatly altered the business practice of many agents.  Let's discuss the biggest change first.

Craigslist - The King is dead, long live the king.  Right or wrong, Craigslist has made major changes to restrict what can be advertised in real estate ads.  Check out the new Craigslist updates, via this great graphic from  These changes will open up the door to other alternatives for online advertising.  Google+, in my opinion, will see more activity.  Another is; which has a very similar Craigslist feel to it and I bet will see a surge in activity.

Blogging - Years ago when blogging first came out it was greatly suggested.  Then it faded away and now blogging is back with a vengeance.  Mainly because blogging has such great SEO.  But the biggest problem remains for many agents - actually sitting down and blogging.  Here are 16 Blogging Resources to make that process easier.

Zapier - Now, here is the really good change (great one actually!)  Zapier allows you to automate over 250 web apps.  Such as adding an RSS feed to your Facebook page and more.  It works very similar to one my favorite sites,  Many of the action items from each site complement each other.  Check out what Zapier and can do for you.

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