Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Spring Listings Blossom

Provided By Realty Times

Nature is in full bloom across the nation. Many of today’s homeowners are unaware that Spring can be the ultimate time to list a home for sale. From beautiful lawns to temperate weather it’s prime time to lure in buyers.

Spring offers up a wide array of natural beauty. Green lawns, budding roses, and fragrant blossoms treat the eye and nose at every turn. This particular Spring, however, has a leg up on previous years.
Interest rates are still near historic lows, hovering well below 4.0 percent for the 30-year fixed rate mortgage. This translates to favorable terms for eager buyers.

Jobs have begun to return in sectors all across the economy, which equals into a larger pool of eligible and willing buyers. Finally, as home prices have stabilized more homes are now within reach of more buyers. Affordability rates are at generational highs.

Are you a seller who will be looking to buy? Today’s market conditions make for a great time to buy and move up (if you have equity built in your home). Let Springtime showcase your home in the most natural light and “spring” a buyer into action.

Need a reason for selling this season? Consider nature’s paintbrush. Curb appeal is your home’s first impression. Many designers create this by painting the front door or a home or adding a punch of color with , but Spring means that your punches of color need not end at the front step.

Add flower beds around your mailbox, trees, and some to line your walkways. Prune back trees and shrubs to give a neat and orderly appearance.

Finally, take a good, hard look at the exterior of your home. Spring is a good time to break out the paint and give your home a few touch ups. Clean out gutters and clean up any trash.

Next, consider the beautiful weather. Who wants to look at houses during ice and snow? Okay, so there are plenty of buyers who brave those elements, but having an open house or showing during beautiful Spring weather is always a plus. Instead of too hot or too cold your guests will be just right.
Finally, most families prefer to pack up kids when school is taking a break. That means they want to move during the Summer months. What does this mean for sellers? It means families are looking to buy in the Spring. This gives them plenty of time to look at homes and then go to closing, which can take from a few weeks to over a month.

Springtime is full of new growth opportunities. So, stop and smell the roses ... and list that home for sale!

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