Monday, January 16, 2012

Sellers of Distressed Homes

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With the beginning of 2012, there are several issues that will remain at the center of discussion for real estate professionals. Starting with distressed homes, sellers must confront a series of challenges (and opportunities), which demand the attention of experts who can address these matters effectively. Remember: as the economy struggles to recover, and as more properties go into foreclosure or become financial liabilities for banks and lenders, sellers of distressed homes will make this year a time of urgent action. In fact, the only way for sellers of these properties to start anew is with the help of investors who understand the intricacies of the marketplace.

From my perspective, as someone who interacts with sellers on a daily basis and sees the Dallas-Fort Worth area as a symbol for a number of broader national trends, listings for distressed homes are on the rise. Think of 2012 as the year of distressed properties, a time when sellers will become more active in their search for seasoned investors who can enter this environment. And, unlike a traditional real estate agent who will err on the side of passivity and hope for a surprise buyer, investors have a different approach.

Rather than wait for a sudden economic turnaround, which will almost certainly not happen in the next six months, sellers need to abandon the standard tactic of having an agent look (in vain) for a buyer who will respond to a posting or advertisement. None of which is to suggest that these agents are not good people; they just handle an entirely different set of responsibilities, which have little to do with the sale of distressed homes.

As a very serious buyer, we make decisions on the spot and can bring closure to a story that could otherwise continue on for months or years. Also, this new year will see more people - particularly in the Dallas-Fort Worth area - searching for a way to enjoy a fresh start.

These individuals want to reclaim their lives, move to new cities and seize existing job opportunities. Most importantly, they want to be rid of the baggage that comes with a troubled property. But before they can do these things, and well before 2012 can be their year of renewal, they must first sell their distressed homes. Again, from my experience I know that the right home can be attractive for investors who want to make a profit and help the surrounding neighborhood.

By transforming these properties into quality retail homes and clean rentals, property values within the same community can rise. For example: as these homes become more attractive, both physically and economically, there is a net gain for everyone. Existing owners see a positive turnaround, while newly arrived buyers or renters can move into a quality residence.

With this information at our disposal, we should make 2012 a year for success. That achievement starts by extending our wisdom on behalf of sellers of distressed homes. That assistance can make these next twelve months a period of positive activity throughout the real estate industry. Let us move forward with strength and optimism.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we can - and do - make a positive difference in people’s lives. With that rule in mind, let us move forward on behalf of those we serve.

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