Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KW Agent in Christmas Spirit

The Seitzler family knows a lot about giving.But now, in their time of need, it’s their turn to receive. John and Kathy Seitzler were on the brink of losing their Terrell home of 17 years when Debbie Brown stepped in. Debbie, an agent with Keller Williams Rockwall who helps families who are facing foreclosure, responded to the Seitzler’s plea for help as Director of the Angel Foundation. “Once I met the Seitzlers, I knew I had to help and do everything in my power to save their home from foreclosure,” Debbie said. “I wanted to be sure the mortgage company could make this home affordable for the Seitzlers so they could stay living in their home.”

The struggles for the Seitzler family began about four years ago when John, who had supported the family of six children with a six-figure income, lost his job as an IT specialist. Although he has searched for work that utilizes his expertise, it’s been very difficult for the 61-year-old to find a suitable job in this job market. To make ends meet, he now works 55 hours a week—40 hours at a local fast food restaurant and 15 hours a week at the local skating rink. “I’m doing everything I can to get the bills paid,” he said. “We’re living day by day,” Kathy said.

The Seitzler family has always given to others. Along with raising their own four children who are still at home, John and Kathy also adopted two special needs children and have round the clock care for them out of their home. They also hold regular prayer and church group meetings at their home for underprivileged and
handicapped children. In fact, the youngest special needs child they adopted-Ashley, who is now 5 years old--came to the Seitzler family from Illinois. As a baby, Ashley was in such bad condition, she couldn’t move, swallow, see or hear. Doctors said she wouldn’t live much longer and Ashley was headed to a nursing home. “That was basically a death sentence,” John said. “Even in our situation, we couldn’t let that happen. We don’t believe any child or baby is a mistake. We decided that regardless of her fate, we would take her into our home and let her know she was loved and important to us.”

The Seitzlers fought to have Ashley come to Texas and then Senator Barack Obama, President George W. Bush and Governor Rick Perry were all involved in getting special permission for Ashley to come to Texas to be with the Seitzler family. She is now doing better than anyone ever expected. “She can see and hear and she touches everyone she meets,” John said. “She has made great progress. Our children have learned to care for her and people that meet them and interact with Ashley are amazed with their love and care for Ashley.”

However, it does take a lot of special equipment to care for the special need children in the household. Therefore, it would be very difficult for the Seitzler family to just move into a smaller house. “We never knew from one month to the next if we’d be able to stay here,” Kathy said. “And we have nowhere to go if we lost our home.”

Debbie is assisting the family in every way she can and is in communication with the mortgage company to find a solution for the Seitzler family and for now, they can stay at their home. “The Seitzlers have given so much of their time, money and love to others,” Debbie said, “we feel it is time to help give back to the Seitzler family.”

The house also is in need of many repairs and foundation work. The Seitzler family is thankful to have Debbie working on their behalf. “We’re so thankful,” John said. “We trust Debbie. Our faith has grown so much through all of this and we know God will always provide.” The Seitzler family has six children living at home: Justin, 17, De’Anna, 16, John Wayne, 13, Joseph, 11, Haley, 8, and Ashley, 5.

-From the Kaufman County Enterprise
Story and Photo By Jennifer LaPrade, Managing Editor

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