Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seven easy steps to build your Twitter-sphere...

Use these tips to help you gain genuine Twitter followers, increase your popularity and in return, your business.

1. Tweet often and interesting content. If it looks like you’re never on, or all your tweets seem to be mini sales pitches, you will not gain Twitter followers.
2. Follow more people. There are a lot of tools to help you find people who have common interests such as Twitter Search and Find People.
3. Make your Tweets interesting. Tweet neat facts or link to interesting blogs, articles and Websites you come across.
4. Let more people know that you are on Twitter. Add a link to your feed on your email signature or link to your Website and blog.
5. Upload a profile photo or logo. There are many people who will not follow or allow followers who do not have a photo. Having a picture or logo makes you look more legitimate.
6. Contribute to your feed as a personality, not just as a business.
7. Engage in conversations on Twitter. Direct Message (D) people, @ reply people, re-tweet (RT) interesting tweets, and participate in hashtag (#) topics.

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